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Ready to pair: Your Tempranillo Food Matching Guide

Ready to pair: Your Tempranillo Food Matching Guide

13 February 2020 omrah

Not quite a gentle merlot, but far from your full-bodied shiraz. Tempranillo (say Tem-prah-nee-yoh) is a medium bodied wine bursting with fruity characters and hints of spice.

This Spanish variety, grown across Australia, goes best with savoury dishes and will especially complement spicy and smoky flavours.

Here at Omrah, we’ve developed an exciting new variety in the Great Southern region of WA. Have you tried it yet? 

This ‘noble’, yet surprisingly nimble vintage is going to pair perfectly with your summer menu.

Lamb with the fam

Thinking of lamb for your family barbeque this summer? Boost this Aussie staple’s flavour with a healthy dose of the fruity tempranillo. The herby flavour of the lamb will be enhanced by the wine’s spicier notes.

But don’t feel limited to a roast! If you’re preparing lamb burgers, be sure to season with smoky paprika to slot in perfectly with a tall glass of temp.

Tie with Tapas

Evidence of this vino’s presence in Spain dates back 2000 years, so it’s hardly surprising that the locals developed the perfect menu to match it. 

Tempranillo is ideally suited to a classic tapas. Cheeky bit of chorizo? Complement its spicy kick with the fruity temp. Pair with various breads, sardines, okra, olives and cured meats to suit the young wine. 

A match made in Spain.

For further inspiration look to New World Mexican cuisine, particularly some slow cooked Barbacoa beef or goat. The moderate tannin content of the wine will help offset those spicy Jalapeños!

Reading is thirsty work – grab a drop from the shop.

An Antipasto Ancillary

The wine variety’s name derives from ‘Tempara’, meaning ‘early’ in Spanish, so why not jump to it first thing? 

Spanish wine and Italian anitpasto are a surprisingly good match so pair your salami, fruit and olives with your tempranillo. Match it with cheeses, but best to find a smoky variety.

BBQ Bestie

Meats of all varieties make an impressive pairing for this delicious wine. Its medium tannin profile means that leaner cuts are best suited, while heavier tannins combine better with fattier pieces.

Try cooking a beef tenderloin, sirloin steak or even a fillet mignon to pair perfectly with our medium-bodied tempranillo.

Chucking chicken on the barbie? Include a good marinade to enhance the mix of spices from the wine and the seasoning mix. 

Despite the general rule of thumb that white meat matches white wine, the tempranillo is fantastically suited to any char-grilled meat, particularly matching spiced seasoning blends. 

Your juicy steak will combine perfectly with the dark fruit of the wine, while avoiding an overwhelming tannin texture.

Grilled Greens

Catering for a vegetarian or two? Augment that aubergine’s profile with a healthy dose of the tempranillo. It’ll heighten the flavour and add some complexity with fruity flavours.

Pumpkin, capsicum and zucchini are all eager candidates, and the char grilling will match the tannin strength perfectly.

Char-char-cheers to that – grab something to wash down these words with.

Pizza Perfection

Pull out the pizza oven and bring out the kick in pepperoni. As a medium-bodied wine with clear fruity notes, it will complement the saltier tomato base and meat toppings. 

If seafood is more to your taste, get creative and pair with prawns on your pizza marinara.

This versatile wine will balance savoury flavours with its medium tannin range, delicious fruity notes and hints of spice. 

This Spanish standout is sure to improve your dining experience, so what are you waiting for? Click here to grab a bottle or two, or maybe a case if you’re entertaining! 

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