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About Omrah

The Omrah lifestyle story

Our story begins with the best parcels of Western Australia's wine regions, where the rich, diverse terroir provides the perfect canvas for crafting exceptional wines.

Here, the vineyards benefit from the idyllic climate, with warm days and cool nights that ensure the grapes develop a perfect balance of acidity and flavour.

This unique environment allows us to produce fresh, contemporary wines that are as vibrant and exciting as the land they come from and for those who appreciate the art of casual elegance, whether it be a relaxed beach picnic, a lively backyard barbecue, or an intimate dinner with friends.

From grape to glass

Our wines are responsibly sourced from some of the best vineyards in Western Australia and crafted by the winemaking team at Plantagenet Wines.

The wines, like the winemaking team, don’t take life too seriously and are designed to drink now, embracing freshness, vibrancy, and balance.

From a crisp dry Sauvignon Blanc to cool down the Perth summer afternoon to a bold and sumptuous Shiraz around the winter campfire in the Great Southern outdoors,
Omrah has a wine for every occasion

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