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Off the beaten track: Albany

Off the beaten track: Albany

02 August 2019 omrah

Grab your compass and your map, it’s time for a road trip. 

Secluded beaches, tasty treats and some history lessons in between… Albany is more than just a pretty port town. 

And here’s a fun fact: Albany is actually the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia – yes, it was founded before Perth and Fremantle. 

Whether you’re passing through or plan on stopping for the night, we’ve compiled a few secret (and not-so-secret hotspots) from our Great Southern home for you to satisfy your wanderlust… 


Two People’s Bay Nature Reserve is a treasure trove of pristine shorelines and rocky nooks. 

This place makes you feel like you’re in a movie; think Castaway, minus Wilson and the whole cut off from modern society part. 

You can find Two People’s Bay, along with its two secluded beaches, roughly 35 kilometres east of Albany’s town centre. 

A granite hedland keeps the beaches sheltered from the Southern Ocean, which means less potential for sand storms and a smooth crystal blue – perfect conditions for you to sit back and relax under your beach umbrella, or take the paddle board and kayak out for a sesh. 

The calm waters also make for a good snorkelling experience and gives you a chance to explore the surrounding rock pools.  


Nothing screams adventure more than a remote winding gravel road full of twists and turns through the picturesque Stirling Ranges.  

If you’re looking for sweeping mountain vistas and panoramic views, look no further than the Stirling Range Red Gum Pass. 

Lace up your hiking boots and take in the fresh air, cliff faces and lush vegetation. 


Open every day of the year, except for Christmas Day, the National Anzac Centre ticks all the boxes when it comes to searching for an educational experience. 

Walk in the footsteps of the ANZACs through multimedia, interactive tech and historical artefacts.

Wanting to immerse yourself in more history?

You can also visit Albany’s retired whaling station at Discovery Bay. Whaling operations ceased in 1978, with the station reopening as a whale museum two years later. 


A trip to Albany wouldn’t be complete without sampling one of Doralane Pastries’ famous pies. 

Baking goods since 1967, Doralane Pastries offers a variety of pies and sweet treats, great for post adventure tummy rumbles. 

Still hungry? Head to Liberté, a Parisian bar housed inside Albany’s historic London Hotel for food and a few drinks. 

Because as every great traveller knows, the best way to finish off a day of exploring is with a glass of wine.