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Impress Your Fellow Wine Drinkers With These 9 Fun Facts

Impress Your Fellow Wine Drinkers With These 9 Fun Facts

02 August 2019 omrah

Whether you’re on a wine tour, down at the local bar, or you’ve opted to stay in with a few mates, we’ve sourced some fun facts that’ll make you become an instant sommelier. 

Because who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? Especially when it’s all about wine.

1 “Oenophobia” is a specific phobia relating to someone’s intense fear of wines. Can you imagine? It’s a scary thought.

2 If you believed grapes were simply defined as green and red, think again; there are more than 10,000 varieties of wine grapes worldwide.

3 In ancient Egypt, society’s most elite would have their corpses washed with wine as a way to help cleanse and prepare the body for the afterlife. What a send off. 

4 The next time you ‘cheers’, know that this ritual wasn’t always as friendly. Centuries ago cups were clinked to slosh one drink into another as a gesture to prove the wine wasn’t poisoned… cheers! 

5 Contrary to popular belief, not every wine gets better with age. 

6 Swirling wine in a glass is not just for show – it actually helps aerate the wine, with the mini swell helping to release and mix the wines aromas with oxygenation. 

7 Praised as a health superdrink, wine was prescribed as a remedy for pretty much everything throughout medieval Europe. Migraine? Have some wine. Pregnancy issues? Wine will help that too. Snake bite? Wine, of course. 

8 Ever been afraid to pop a bottle of champagne or sparkling? You’ve got good reason because the air pressure in these bottles is estimated to be up to three times the pressure of your car’s tyres. 

9 People still follow the age old tradition of bathing in wine as a way to ‘soak up antioxidants’ (as if you needed an excuse). Italy, England, Japan and even New York city all offer historic baths and spas for you to literally douse yourself in wine.