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Aussie food and wine pairings

Aussie food and wine pairings

23 January 2020 omrah

What’s the best part about Australia? 

Some say it’s our beautiful coastline, our laid back larrikin lifestyle, or even our picture-ready Quokkas.  

But in our opinion, it’s all about the food and wine. 

So get ready to tuck in to some Aussie staples, paired perfectly with a nice glass of local wine.

Meat pie with a side of Shiraz

Class up the classic meat pie with a tall glass of Shiraz

The subtle blueberry and mulberry notes will accentuate the rich meaty flavours as the crumbly pastry melts in your mouth (and down your shirt). 

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Shrimp on the barbie with a Chardy

Chardonnay is the ultimate partner for any backyard seafood cook up. 

Why? Because a white wine that’s richer in flavour has the power to hold its own against those strong ocean flavours – especially the light citrus and white peach tones found in the Omrah Crossing Chardonnay. 

And considering WA is an angler’s paradise with thousands of kilometers of coastline, keeping a cold bottle of Chardy in the fridge is a must. 

If you find yourself in the Kimberley or down at the local farmers market, our Chardonnay also pairs well with a freshly caught barramundi, or the iconic fish and chips combo. 

A Snag with Tempranillo

So you’ve got the goods down the road from the local Bunnings, or decided to fire up your own BBQ.

The sausage in a bun, or sanga in sliced bread with a good dollop of tommy sauce is about as Aussie as you’ll get. 

Look no further than a glass of Tempranillo, a medium-bodied wine with dark fruit characters that deliciously complement sausages, whether they’re fresh, cured or wrapped in a slice of bread.

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Chicken parmi with Pinot

Whether you believe it’s a parmi or a parma, this classic pub meal is a hit with both red and white lovers. 

Pinot Noir is the socialite of the wine family, suited to many dishes due to its versatility and light-bodied finish for a red varietal – a chicken parmi topped with cheesy tomato sauce is a heavenly match. 

A chilled Sauvignon Blanc also goes down well with this pub grub, especially on a hot summer’s day when its lemon citrus and passionfruit flavours come together for a light refreshing finish. 

Lamingtons? You had me at Merlot. 

Not just a childhood fave but a treat for all the young at heart, the lamington is best washed down with a Cabernet Merlot

Let the dark mulberry fruits and ripe plum aromas soften the sponge cake and add another layer to the chocolatey finish. 

If you’re after a more subtle light red berry flavour, Rosé is another winner. 

And what about our divisive true blue spread, Vegemite? Well, we’ll let you make up your own mind on that one.